...Art for every day to remind us of the glory God has made!

Like the background of this painting states ‘may You make me fruitful and a pleasure before Your eyes,' it is our hope that the art you see and purchase is indeed 'a pleasure before your eyes.’

Please allow us to assist you in purchasing or creating special, personalized art similar to what you see here or anywhere else on this site.

Also at this website, you can:

  • Browse through other paintings like the one above (by choosing a catagory tab on your right)
  • Place a custom order (by emailing us so that we can contact you to develop this order.)
  • Get to know us and our mission (see About Us)
  • Read references and what others say about our work
    ***Please note that prices listed are approximate and subject to change based on a change in size etc.

Feel free to contact us at: morninglorystudios@gmail.com